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A small selection of recent projects.

AR Surgical Instrument Testing
AR Exercise - Fitness Application

MR Surgical Instrument Testing for HoloLens 2

MR Surgical Syringe Testing, aimed to create an immersive training solution that simulated real-world testing equipment to the users.

AR Exercise App for Android & iOS

AR Exercise is an AR mobile app designed to cater to the fitness needs of busy lifestyles. This innovative application enables personalized fitness training at the user’s convenience.

XR Box Organizer

VR and MR Box Organizer Application for HoloLens 2

The VR & MR Box Organizer app is a virtual training tool that helps users stack boxes with precision, cutting training time and reducing equipment damage risk.

HoloKart for HoloLens 2

HoloKart, developed for an amusement park, offers gamers an immersive mix of virtual and mixed-reality go-karting, featuring innovative multiplayer gameplay for a truly authentic racing experience.

Oculus VR Welding
MR Periodic Table

VR Welding for Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Welding – A Virtual Reality Application for Safe and Accurate Welding Training

Mixed Reality Periodic Table for HoloLens 2

Periodic Table Game – Revolutionizing the Conventional Way of Learning with Immersive Ed-Tech

Universal Translator App
MR Construction Inspection

Real-Time Voice Translation App: Translate 111+ Languages On Mobile And PC

Break language barriers effortlessly with our Real-time Voice Translation App, seamlessly translating speech in one language to 111+ languages on mobile and PC for effective cross-cultural communication.

Mixed Reality Construction Inspection Application

Enhance building safety inspections with Construction Inspection, a Mixed Reality app that streamlines checks by overlaying structural plans on real-world environments for time-saving and accurate assessments.

VR Oral Saliva
Virtual Pop up Showroom

VR Oral Saliva Collector Training App

VR transforms the showcase of future medical devices by providing a self-explanatory, immersive experience for users to understand device functionality effortlessly.

Virtual Pop-up Showroom

Step into an immersive virtual showroom for a personalized, convenient shopping experience with stunning 3D visuals, allowing you to browse, try on clothes, and explore products from the comfort of your home.