Varun Siddaraju

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About Me

AR/VR innovator with 7+ years in research, engineering, and product leadership roles. Led the development of multiple immersive apps and platforms. Eager to apply expertise to push boundaries at your company.

My Story

My journey into the world of augmented and virtual reality started 7+ years ago during my postgraduate research. I was instantly captivated by the potential of AR/VR and made it my mission to actively drive innovation in these technologies.

For the last 5+ years, I have been on the frontlines developing multiple immersive platforms and products. Leading cross-functional teams across the entire product lifecycle have allowed me to merge my technical expertise with business orientation.

I am passionate about designing experiences that solve real problems and enable people to engage with information and virtual worlds in new ways. As an AR/VR trailblazer, I am excited to push boundaries and accelerate adoption across industries.

Key Highlights:

  • 3+ years conducting cutting-edge research on augmented and virtual reality technologies, identifying future opportunities.
  • 2+ years leading development of AR/VR solutions, shipping multiple products from concept to launch.
  • 2+ years managing end-to-end product lifecycle for AR/VR applications, from ideation to roll-out.
  • Established processes to design, build, and deliver best-in-class immersive experiences.
  • Sharp technical mindset coupled with business acumen to drive real-world adoption and engagement.
  • Passionate about AR/VR and its potential to transform industries. Eager to apply experience to shape the future of your organization.

Master of Science (MS)

Electrical Engineering

Texas State University, Texas, US
2016 – 2018

Bachelor of Engineering (BE)

Electronics and Communication

VVCE, Mysuru, India
2011 – 2015
My Experience

Experience is the compass that guides us through the uncharted territories of innovation.

General Manager – XR Product and Solutions
Jul 2023 – Present

Launched Limitless VR in 8 months with a clear plan, achieving 20%+ revenue growth from month 1. Established 4 departments, hired 6 staff, and executed 10 campaigns while planning 4 programs.

Founder and CEO
Apr 2021 – Jul 2023

Led AR/VR initiatives for Fortune 500 companies, delivering high-ROI solutions and directing large-scale projects efficiently. Empowered organizations with technology workshops and launched market-defining enterprise applications, aligning AR/VR with key revenue drivers.

Product and Project Manager
Mar 2021 – Jun 2023

Orchestrated AR/VR product lifecycles, championed adoption with prototypes and demos, and managed $500K+ budgets while minimizing risks and maintaining robust documentation.

Lead Software Engineer
Nov 2020 – Feb 2021

Oversaw tech operations, coordinated projects, and implemented innovations, driving efficiency and adherence to standards.

Mixed Reality Engineer
Jun 2018 – Nov 2020

Developed 12 HoloLens 2 prototypes using 7 Azure/MRTK SDKs and crafted multi-user experiences across 4 platforms. Contributed to 5 client projects, ranging from XR games to AR guidance and analytics.

Research Associate
Dec 2016 – Jan 2019

Led mixed reality research and managed multiple projects, including work on computer vision and mixed reality using Microsoft HoloLens, MATLAB, and Unity 3D. I’ve also represented the X-reality research group at major conferences such as IEEE Greentech.

System Engineer Trainee
Sep 2015 – Apr 2016

Honed skills in Python, JAVA, JEE, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, and Software Design. Experienced in Java JEE for web development, managing both backend and frontend tasks. Successfully contributed to various internal web application projects while collaborating effectively with cross-functional teams.

My skills

AR VR XR Consulting

Providing strategic guidance and insights for AR and VR initiatives, leveraging in-depth industry knowledge to help businesses harness the full potential of immersive technology.

AR VR Project Management

Experienced in leading AR and VR projects from concept to completion, ensuring smooth execution, on-time delivery, and efficient resource management.

AR VR Product Management

Expertise in steering AR and VR product development, from ideation and design to market launch, focusing on user-centric solutions and market success.

AR VR Development

Proficient in developing cutting-edge AR and VR applications that bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds, delivering immersive and interactive experiences.

AR VR Design

Proficient in creating visually captivating and user-friendly AR and VR designs, ensuring that users are engaged and delighted throughout their immersive journey.


Specializing in user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design for AR and VR, focusing on creating seamless, intuitive, and memorable experiences that captivate users in immersive environments.