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Welcome to my website! I’m the CEO and Founder, an AR/VR Consultant, Product, Project Manager, and Developer who helps businesses leverage AR/VR technology to solve their most pressing challenges and achieve their goals.

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From esteemed institutions to global corporations, I’ve been featured in prominent magazines, felicitated, and recognized by leading tech companies.


Varun Kumar Siddaraju

Founder and CEO, AR/VR Consultant, Product, Project Manager, and Developer

Hey, there👋, I’m Varun Siddaraju, and I’m all about bridging the gap between the real and the virtual. I’ve got a passion for AR and VR tech that’s as big as the metaverse itself.

AR/VR innovator with 7+ years in research, engineering, and product leadership roles. Led the development of multiple immersive apps and platforms. Eager to apply expertise to push boundaries at your company.

My Experience

Helping Businesses and Individuals Harness the Power of Immersive Technology

AR VR Consultant

Navigate the immersive world with AR VR expertise.

AR VR Product Manager

Bring your AR VR products to life, from concept to completion.

AR VR Developer

Crafting immersive AR VR experiences that redefine reality.

AR VR Project Manager

Guiding AR VR projects to seamless success.

AR VR Coach

Creating engaging AR VR tutorials for seamless learning.

My Crafts

Helping Businesses and Individuals Harness the Power of Immersive Technology

Microsoft HoloLens Tutorials

Crafted comprehensive tutorials related to Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Toolkit (MRTK), empowering developers to harness the full potential of mixed reality applications.

"Beginning Windows Mixed Reality Programming"

Co-authored an insightful book published by Apress, delving into the intricacies of HoloLens 2 development, providing valuable knowledge to the AR VR community.

Spatial Mapping Algorithms

Conducted research on the development of specialized algorithms for mobile devices, optimizing computational efficiency and performance.


Designed and introduced an innovative no-code solution for AR VR development, making immersive technology accessible to a broader audience without the need for coding expertise.


Offered comprehensive business, management, and technical consultation to a startup, guiding its transformation into a stable and successful AR VR company.


Initiated LabXR, a virtual laboratory tailored for K-12 students, providing an engaging educational platform that brings science and technology to life through AR VR experiences.


Helping Businesses and Individuals Harness the Power of Immersive Technology

Thought Leadership

Harness the Power Of AR, VR, and beyond: Gain valuable perspectives on the future of immersive technologies.

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