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A small selection of recent projects.

XR Cooking Experience
HoloLens 2 Image Tracking

Azure Spatial Anchors - XR Cooking Experience

Discover a unique cooking experience with Microsoft Azure Spatial Anchors in the Spaghetti Tutorial Project, showcasing shared mixed reality in the real world.

HoloLens 2 Image Tracking

Experience cutting-edge training transformation with our project, leveraging Mixed Reality through Vuforia’s image-tracking SDK to overlay a dentistry device in 3D on real-world models via QR code tracking on the HoloLens 2.

MR Human Anatomy

MR Human Anatomy - MedTech App

Human Anatomy, a HoloLens 2 application, provides immersive surgical training for healthcare professionals, offering hands-on experience with holographic procedures and detailed insights into internal organs.

LabXR - XR Laboratory for K-12 Students

A multi-platform educational application built with futuristic technology, I.e., Mixed reality catered to school and college students of various syllabuses.

VR Driving
PC Holographic Remoting

VR Driving for Oculus Quest 2

Immerse yourself in top-notch driving training through our Virtual Reality application on Oculus Quest 2, offering a realistic car environment with fully functional controls, diverse scenarios, and interactive learning features for beginners.

PC Holographic Remoting for HoloLens 2

A collaborative mixed reality app facilitating seamless 3D model sharing between HoloLens 2 and personal computers, inclusive of users without a headset.

Virtual Job Fair
VR Mining

Virtual Job Fair - Metaverse App

Experience the future of job fairs through Virtual Job Fair – a collaborative virtual reality platform connecting job seekers and employers in a digital environment.

VR Mining

Experience groundbreaking VR education with the VR Mining Project, offering immersive training in mining procedures through virtual scenarios and interactive assessments.

Metaverse Conference Room
XR Medical Viewer

Metaverse Conference Room

Immerse yourself in a metaverse where you can collaborate seamlessly with colleagues and clients, mirroring real-world activities from the comfort of your home.

XR Medical Viewer for HoloLens 2

Revolutionize healthcare training with XR Medical Viewer, a cutting-edge mixed reality application that streamlines surgery prep, enhances anatomical visualization, and reduces operating room time for improved patient outcomes.